Our Services

Residential Interior Design

Our designers at TSN Interior Designs completely re-imagine interior spaces, function over form, to promote a better way of living. Each project is a personalised bespoke solution that is unique to each client. We focus on giving our clients a home that is truly personal.

Residential Exterior Design

At TSN Interior Designs, we believe that landscape design & build, as well as outdoor furniture design, are truly holistic processes. We achieve results through creative interaction between client, the designers and our dedicated in house implementation team.

Corporate Interior Design

We are a full-service interior design firm and our service scope extends to corporates as well. This service has been the available since our founding and we have catered to some choice clients since then. Our corporate interior design work creates workspaces that foster prductivity and comfort simultaneously.

Sale of Design Elements

Over the last six years, we have developed successful reciprocal relationships with a network of manufacturers and suppliers. We also sell products that are important to the design process from decor and accent pieces through to furniture items. Visit our shop today.

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